The Most Profitable Clickbank Products To Promote

Everybody wants to know which Clickbank products to promote! Ain’t this the $64,000 question? To begin to understand the most profitable Clickbank products to promote, you first need to understand a little about how Clickbank groups their products and how they are ranked. Clickbank basically has four factors by which they organize the products in their database.

% Earned Per Sale. This is the average commission earned per affiliate per referred sale.

$ Earned Per Sale. This is the average net amount earned per affiliate per referred sale. This figure is affected by refunds, chargebacks etc. Hence, it is Net.

% Referred. This is simply the percentage of the Publisher’s sales that are referred by affiliates.

Gravity. This is the number of unique affiliates that made a commission by referring a customer to a publisher’s product and the customer purchasing the product. Clickbank lists it not as an actual number but as a weighted sum. Gravity is basically a measure of the popularity of a product and how well the product is selling. A higher number would indicate that a product is selling well. Of course, this means that there are others selling the product, which means that there is competition. What is a high number? 40 or higher would be what I would call high.

So, How Do We Use These Numbers? I think the best way to use the information Clickbank provides to us regarding the digital products in its database is to first aim for products with a fairly high gravity number but that also have a low refund rate percentage, which equates to promoting a product that is selling well but also is being refunded at a low rate. This would indicate a quality product. (Remember that just because a product sells well does not mean it is a quality product, it may just have a fantastic, high converting sales page and the actual product may be a dud, thus prompting many refunds. So, we need a way to calculate Refund Percentage Rates.

How To Calculate Refund Percentage Rates Here is a formula to use in order to calculate the Refund Rate of Clickbank products:

(Product Price – 7.5 percent) – $1 = Clickbank’s commission on each product sold Product Price After CB Commission x Payout percentage = Your Affiliate Commission - $Earned Per Sale = The Refund Difference ($Refund Difference / Affiliate Commission) x 100 = Refund percentage Let’s Try An Example With A Current Clickbank Product We’ll use The Forex Trading Machine as our example.


Product Price = $97.00

$ Earned/Sale = $40.15

Payout % = 50%


Clickbank Commission = ($97 X 7.5%) + 1 = $8.28

Post Clickbank Commission Price = $97 – $8.28 = $88.72

Affiliate Commission = $88.72 X 50% = $44.36

Refund Difference = $44.36 – $40.15 = $4.21

Refund Percentage = ($4.21/$44.36) X 100 = 9.49%

What does this mean to us? Well, first off, I think that any product with a Refund Percentage of less that 10% is a quality Clickbank Product. Clickbank will tell you that every product can be assumed to have an inherent 5% Refund Percentage Rate due to consumer fraud. So, less than 10% is pretty good.

Why do we care? Because you don’t want to spend your time and money promoting a product that is going to end up generating a lot of refunds. You would, in essence, be wasting your money, as a high Refund Percentage will certainly lower your Return On Investment. Remember, Return On Investment is simply measured as the amount it costs you to generate a certain amount in sales. If you spent $5 in Google Adwords® promoting a product and you made $10 from this advertising, your ROI would be 100%, which is excellent.

Generally speaking, products with High Refund Percentages yield a lower ROI. Not good. So, I would stick with promoting products with a low Refund Percentage in order to prevent a low ROI and also promoting high quality products with high customer satisfaction just makes sense.

Having A Peak Experience By Living In The Present Moment

Having a peak experience seems to occur in the time-free zone of present moment awareness, a transcendent glorious moment that is the substance of real miracles.

To be in the moment is of complete bliss and elation. These instants where time does not seem to tick are extraordinary and often compared to spiritual awakening events.

The truth of real miracles can not join us anywhere in the future or past, because neither exists. Only in our separated and fragmenting, dream of life, where we depend on time and material form, are future and past a thought.

Present Moment Awareness

The glorious moment of eternal oneness has no clue of any such awareness between future and past. The past is only what you thought it was, and the future is only what you think it might be.

Both are unreal.

Anything real can only be here, the glorious moment of now, in this instant, and then it is gone, and a brand new instant is immediately born.

Think about a glorious moment you’ve had when you had no thoughts of future or past, such as those timeless moments during sex, or dancing, or total engagement in joyous, thoughtless “flow”- type activity. Yes, real miracles!

We all have had a peak experience, or we may say, peak-level moments, a glorious moment without any influence of regretting the past or predicting the future.

Being in the Moment

In this particular writing session my goal was to be in the moment, living in the moment that began at 5:30 AM and it’s now 7 AM, an instant in reality where clock-time has no meaning.

Sure, there was some unpleasant as well as pleasant background interference of the early morning– a car with a bad muffler, a neighborhood dog, birds in the park across the street singing, as the sun rising, but it was nothing that could interfere with my present moment awareness, or my mission at hand during the instant of real time, which is no-time.

Only in these instants, when you are determined to see the ego for the nothingness it is, will you accept the Holy Spirit–your inner divine Guide, as the presence of your mind that exists only in the glorious moment of, the now.

Real Miracles

The Course in Miracles asks us, “How long is an instant?”

In this present moment awareness it’s the length of time it takes you to choose, and live inside, the Holy Spirit’s right-minded thought process, over the wrong-mindedness of the ego always plagued with guilt.

In these instants you meet your own holiness.

Course in Miracles further teaches us that, “Each instant is a crystal and clean clear, untarnished new birth of thought, and is your glimpse of eternity.”

The glorious moment of eternity never sees the past or touches the future, but is always in this instant, or we may say, now.

It’s in the holy instant where thoughts of past and future are not alive to keep you from a peak experience.

When an impure thought strikes you, in that instant ask the Holy Spirit to replace it with pure, right-mindedness. He will never fail in delivering this to you as a holy instant.

When you act from within the holy instant real miracles become an everyday way of life.

To living in the present moment!

Debt Negotiation – No Cost to Get Started to Work With a Debt Negotiation Company, Yeah Right!

It is such an easy sell for a sales rep that works for a debt negotiation company. You might have heard or read it before; there is no cost to get started or you do not have to pay a dime to start the process, and so on. This is true, but they never really share how they get paid or how darn easy it is to actually perform debt negotiation on your own.

  If you were going to begin the process of negotiating your debt with one of these companies, then normally all you have to do is fill out some paperwork and decide what repayment term you like. At that point it is pretty simple & you just need to fax them some paperwork and then make your monthly payments as scheduled.

Most of these types of companies promise they will negotiate your debt down to at least half, in fact many of them guarantee it.   Here is the sneaky little way they makes thousands and thousands of your dollars. When negotiating a bad debt, it is very possible to get the payoff down to as low as 20-30 percent of the original amount and sometimes even better than that. Their income is the difference between what they guarantee and their actual success rate. If they guaranteed to settle for 40 cents on the dollar and they get 20 cents on the dollar, then they get the remaining 20 percent. 

For example, if the total debt amount is $20,000 and they promise to negotiate it down to $8,000, there is actually a good chance they can negotiate it down to just  $4,000 and the remaining $4,000 is their profit.  This $4,000 could be yours and it SHOULD be yours. Don not leave money on the table, especially in times like these.