Learn the Latest Best Practices in Business Presenting

Curious how you can learn the latest best practices in presenting? Many executives, business owners and entrepreneurs are asking the same question. And finding the solution is simple: online courses.

In light of recent news about the perils of ‘death by PowerPoint’ many professionals are seeking presentation skills development. No longer satisfied with relying on slide-only delivery, they know what you may have felt for some time: new methods of delivery require new best practices.

If you have spent thousands of hours learning all the bells and whistles of PowerPoint or Keynote, you may approach further education with some trepidation. What about all that you have invested?

Don’t worry. Just because you want to avoid killing your audiences with too many slides, doesn’t mean you will never use slides to communicate.

Instead of fretting over lost time, get busy learning the latest best practices.

My advice is to focus on three key areas:

storytelling, visual communicating and specific actions.

These three areas will help you use slides in the right mix – but not fall victim to ‘slide craziness.’

Let’s look briefly at why these three areas are the foundation of vital best practices in presenting.

Best Practice 1. Storytelling

Today’s audiences are overwhelmed with data and information. They want a juicy and persuasive story. They need to connect the dots between random bits of statistics so they can make sense of what it all means.

When you become an exceptional storyteller, you can win over audiences that might be overloaded or disengaged. It’s the fastest way to win attention — and keep it.

Best Practice 2. Visual Communicating

From neuroscience to advertising, the research is clear. People respond to visual communication more than the written word alone. Visuals stick. If you haven’t made friends with visual language, visual communication and interactive visual presenting you are missing the boat.

The fastest way to encourage visual interaction is at a whiteboard. Of course, if your writing is illegible chicken scratch and your drawings are funky, you need help.

But there’s good news: you can learn to draw at a whiteboard, guide interactive conversation, and make a powerful impact. Learning this skill is easier and simpler than you might imagine.

Best Practice 3. Specific Actions

As an executive, you already know that leadership is all about action. But, still an alarming number of leaders give presentations without giving clear instructions. There are specific new ways to show action, tell action, tell stories about action, and get people coming up with specific action plans.

When you use these three best practices, you won’t miss your slides. Instead, you might have a head-slapping moment. You won’t believe you ever gave a presentation without using these 3 vital practices.

What’s the quickest way to hone your skills in these areas? Online presentation skills training. It’s fast, convenient and easy to fit into your hectic calendar.

Use new best practices in presenting to get the most results. With a small investment in your education, you can expect to see a dramatic improvement in your presentation skills.